"I trust Lloyd's to keep my family's cars safe, and I appreciate the many, many years of doing business with them. My wife, Jeanne, and I have bought tires from Lloyd's for all of our vehicles since 1975. We always feel welcome and always receive such personal, professional service. We highly recommend Lloyd's Tire & Auto Care for all of your vehicle repairs and tires.. Larry and Dean, you run a class act - thanks!​"
George  Wilson, Santa Cruz

"I trust Lloyd's, and Dean Schwartz is my automotive expert. I live up a long, dirt road, and I do a lot of driving in different conditions, so as a result I have had many vehicles since I started going to Lloyd's in 1989. The guys there always suggest the right tires for me, and if I ever have a problem with my car, I drive in, and their crew jumps right to work. And Dean is a straight-shooter whose opinions really matter to me.”

Edwina Cardoza, Santa Cruz

“My wife and I have trusted Lloyd's for over 20 years. When we needed emergency replacement of tires and rims, Lloyd’s, and Renee in particular, responded with enthusiasm and expertise. Recently, my wife had to swerve in order to avoid an accident. In doing so, she severely damaged both passenger side tires and rims. Renee researched and recommended replacement alternatives; the car was “back together” and on the road in less than a 36 hours. Thank you Lloyd’s!”

Al Carman, Santa Cruz

“I trust Lloyd’s for impeccable service. They’re the quickest, the most thorough, and always let me know what all the options are.  When I had a tire get a nail in it, Lloyd’s was great about telling me several options that were safe, affordable, and would get me back on the road in a very short time.  I’ve been a customer for over 10 years — every car we have owned in our family has had the Lloyd’s special touch to make sure we’re all driving safe on the road”

Kathryn Gorges, Santa Cruz

"I came in to Lloyd's broke - I am an Uber driver. I had uneven wear on my tires and a dangerous bubble in one of them. The guys at Lloyd's were candid and friendly and help me figure out which two of my four tires needed to be changed immediately and which two can wait for a couple more weeks. They also showed me comparison prices on tires and generally helped me make an informed decision so I'll be going back soon for alignment, the other two tires, and another for a drink - which is a nice nice touch!" ​
Miriam Peleg, Santa Cruz
"No appointment was needed. I was in need of an affordable set of tires and left feeling more than satisfied. I was in and out in an hour. Was not pressured into additional purchase and the staff was professional and personable. I highly recommend Lloyd's."
Debbie Brathy, Scotts Valley
“I trust Lloyd's for the perfect tires at a great price. We started our rental business ten years ago, and Lloyd's found us the perfect heavy duty tire for our fleet of 23 trucks. In fact, it's a big tire that we couldn’t find anywhere else in the area. For many reasons, safety is the most important consideration for us, and we have never had one of these tires fail.”

Zak Francis, Independant Rental Company, Santa Cruz

"I trust Lloyd's for honest advice. I had taken a car of mine back to the dealership since I had bought it, and it was noticeably leaking oil. The dealer wanted to charge me $2600 to fix it, so I took it to Lloyd's for a second opinion. They charged me just $900, and they stopped the leak completely.​ I tell all my friends to go to Lloyd's, not just because their prices are great, but because they are also very friendly and honest.”

Jeanne Thomas, Santa Cruz

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"Lloyd's service is not only top-notch, but their people, from the service staff to the front desk, were friendly and attentive. I can't say enough about their service. I will not go anywhere else."​
Bill Perry, Santa Cruz
"I trust Lloyd's as a great alternative to service from the dealer. I've been going to Lloyd's since I was a kid.. We'd go with my dad on a Saturday and make an event of getting tires there. Eventually, I started buying tires at Lloyd's, and five years back, I began to bring in our cars for complete service. I was offered a service contract from the dealer for our new car, but I said no, because I only trust Lloyd's for honest and reliable care."

Tom Criswell, Santa Cruz

Trust Lloyd's for the Best Prices on the Best Tires Everyday plus Complete Auto Care and Honest Advice.

"It's wonderful to be able to take my old truck to Lloyd's and know i can trust what they say she needs. no second guessing them. Too bad they aren't running for president!"

Janice Allen, Felton

831-426-4363  303 River Street, Santa Cruz

Tell us why you trust Lloyd'sSend your story to larry@lloydstire.com

“I've gone to Lloyd's for years for tires. When I was faced with replacing my Prius battery, I went to the dealer and was quoted almost $4,000. The only data I was given was the price and the fact that an error condition was triggered. I then went to Lloyd's. They gave me a detailed report on my battery including the modules, which were good and bad, and how they could fix them. In the end, three modules were replaced, and the cost was less than half of the dealer's. What I appreciated as much as the savings was the information I was given in clear, concise terms.”
Kevin Cornell, Pasatiempo

"I trust Lloyds for the best service for my family and me for 30 years. My wife and I have five vehicles, and Lloyd's takes care of all of them. Our daughter, Monica, lives in Sacramento, and she still comes back to Lloyd's for service. Our other daughter, Ariana, recently gave us a new grandchild, and we're glad to know that because of Lloyd's, they'll always be driving in cars that are safe and reliable.”

Angelo Grova, Santa Cruz

"I trust Lloyd's for the best tire prices around. I took a 12 passenger van to Costco a few years back, but since they didn't have the exact size in stock, I went to Lloyd's. It turned out that the price at Lloyd's was better, and their service was very fast and friendly. I take all of my vehicles there for tires, and since they started offering complete car care, for everything else as well."

Ernie Finn, Santa Cruz